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1. Healthcare Technology Aspects of Disaster Planning – based on the post Tsunami Experience .

Authors: Dr S B Gogia, Dr M R Surwade 
Organization S.A.T.H.I. (Society For Administration Of Telemedicine and Healthcare Informatics)
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Presented by Dr S B Gogia: 1.1 Summary :

S.A.T.H.I. has been involved in implementing the Healing Touch Project which has been sponsored by OXFAM Trust India. This Project was started after the Tsunami disaster in Tamilnadu to bring the fruits of Telemedicine, a new thrust technology in Healthcare Informatics to the victims. Being a new field, more than expected problems were faced. However despite a delayed start (in May, this year), the project has managed to provide mental health support to the victims while they were at home. 
This pilot project can show the way forward to extending the fruits of technology in post Disaster Management. For that to occur, this technology should be more widely based, awareness should be present. The systems should be existing and available for immediate use as and when disasters occur.

1.2 Introduction :

Healthcare Informatics is a new and upcoming specialization. It holds the promise of improving the healthcare scenario of our country through

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better monitoring of health status of the community
  • Upgrading the skills of Existing Health workers
  • Telemedicine

We from SATHI have been working to provide a Telemedicine based Healthcare support system for the Tsunami victims. The project though still incomplete and under implementation shows promise in showing the way forward to managing disaster.

1.3 The Project :Owned and conceived by

OXFAM TRUST INDIA: Consultants, Technical Inputs and Implementing Agency 

Our basic guiding principle was that “More people die of after-effects of natural disaster than the disaster itself”. We felt that Telemedicine can and should provide a solution to control the “Disaster after the disaster”

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