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SATHI in the wake of the Tsunami Crisis offered its services through its professional’s team to OXFAM TRUST (India) specifically their representatives in Delhi namely Ms Gurinder Kaur and Ms Meeta Parti. Following a number of meetings and discussions a comprehensive plan was made to provide a comprehensive healthcare facilities to the victims. The specific responsibilities of SATHI were stated in a formal MOU between SATHI and OXFAM.

The responsibilities assumed by SATHI requires co-ordination and mobilization at different levels. In pursuance of the same objectives, Drs S B Gogia and M R Surwade arrived in Chennai on a filed visit to Tsunami affected areas in Tamilnadu. The following is the action plan for the visit. Meanwhile our team in Delhi lead By Dr Vidya Surwade and Ms Arun Rekha are co-ordinating the interactions between the two organizations.


Situation Analysis

Establishment of Telemedicine System


A. Location of camps run by OXFAM

B. Mortality and Morbidity caused by the Tsunami in     those areas 

C. Existing Health care facilities 

D. Patients Profile

E. Health determinants 

i. Water and Sanitation 
ii. Future Economic prospects (e.g Degeneration of         Arable Land) 
iii. Post Traumatic Depression Syndrome 
iv. Effects of Family Breakup

F. Demographic Profile (Particularly age structure).

A. Location 

B. Space 

C. Person (Computer experience / Health Worker/English) 

D. Electricity Supply 

E. Population catered 

F. Security Considerations (Prevent Stolen/damaged 

G. Existing Health care providers and their reach



Creation of Community Telemedicine Network


A. Build Capacity with sustainability in mind

A. Operational Cost recovery 

B. Reinforce exixting referral patterns 

C. Income Generation Oppurtunities