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Who We are

We are a team of specialists providing expertise through an integrated approach in the ambulatory setting for these conditions. With experience gained over 20 years of continuous patient care, accompanied by research as well as product development, our team has developed a unique and successful model of patient care which is replicable on a large scale.


Our History

Approximately 40 million people in India suffer from Lymphoedema. Out of these, filaria accounts for 20 million alone. In 1981, a thesis by one of the co-founders of Amla Mediquip, based on research conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences showed that imported compression pumps and garments can be used for therapy of lymphoedema in India. However, there is yet scant awareness about lymphoedema, let alone its therapy. This is true not only amongst the patients but also among the care givers. Current facilities for treating these conditions cater to only 1% or so of the affected population. There is a prevalent reluctance to treat these dreaded conditions largely due to lack of knowledge of the methods as well as skepticism regarding the outcomes of treatment.

What We Do

As a company, we provide quality treatment solutions for patients suffering from various lymphatic and venous conditions. We are also involved in the training of medical personnel in the use of the devices and materials designed for lymphoedema therapy. We also help physicians and hospitals set-up their own, independent limb care centers with trained therapists.